Where exceptional claims service & favourable claims experience is our PRIMARY FOCUS.

 Types of Assessments/investigations;

  • All Domestic & Commercial Non-motor claims
  • Investigating suspected fraud/misrepresentation (motor & non-motor).
  • Assisting Recovery & Liability Departments with recoveries & third-party claims (XDS/ITC/ CSI reports).
  • Offering Underwriters, Brokers & Clients the means to check & confirm insurable interest (Motor & Non-Motor).


TCF Assessing (Pty) Ltd are a team of independent Industry Experts in investigating, adjusting & reporting on; NON-MOTOR Domestic & Commercial Short-Term Insurance Claims.

We are committed to providing quality, ethical, efficient, innovative & cost-effective claims services in & around KZN.

All services are compliant and in accord with the dictated policies, procedures & standards set out by “The Institute of Loss Adjusters of Southern Africa”.


TCF Assessing (PTY) Ltd offer the services of qualified, skilled, reputable & experienced Loss Adjusters. The superiority of our services is:

  • Expedited by the access to the latest technology, credit/criminal bureau
  • Complemented by the partnerships we have developed with an array of specialists/consultants (Engineers; Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical & Electronic).

Our “Assessing” team handle each claim as a separate matter, based on its own merits. The insured is treated with the utmost respect.

“Justice” & “Treating Customers Fairly” remains front and centre of each assessment.